Elisabeth ‘Betsy’ Riddle Ruderfer moved back to Pittsburgh from Washington D.C. after 50 years away. She hopes to re-connect with old friends and is happy to be back in her beloved home town. Betsy writes, “Pittsburgh is such a  beautiful city! Contact me at (412) 687-2392 or br.ruderfer@gmail.com.”

Mary Ann Rowe Wucher is living in an apartment at Providence Point and loving it. Mary writes, “Never eat dinner alone! I’ve buried two husbands. Fred was my spouse for 51 years and then I married my brother-in-law Lou Scheimer from California. I never lived there permanently but went back and forth. We were together four years and married 17 months. Two of my three children live nearby so I keep in touch with three out of the five grandchildren. With all of the soccer games, baseball games, and ice hockey games it’s fun!”