Margaret ‘Marny’ Riehl Peabody writes that “Class of 65’ers Carol Heape, Cynthia ‘Cynnie’ Pearson Turich, and my sister Becky and I, are headed for a Thelma and Louise road trip around the Southwest. Starting and ending in Vegas, this seven-day road trip has us visiting sites like Hoover Dam, Sedona, Grand Canyon, Durango CO, Aztec ruins, and many others. At our age we really hope to do something that needs to stay in Vegas!”

In recent years, Joan Clark Davis has been doing a lot of traveling. She has now been to all seven continents. Her most memorable trip was to Antarctica with the gorgeous scenery and all the penguins. The Taj Mahal in India, the Pyramids in Egypt, and the Great Wall of China were also fantastic sites. Joan enjoyed celebrating a 50th Reunion with her classmates last fall and she plays bridge three days a week.