Kristin Langley writes, “Now that I am retired, I volunteer at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium (home of Winter, the dolphin) taking care of sick and injured sea turtles. This may be my most rewarding work yet.”

Anne Parkin Pierpont writes, “My news is that my husband, John Pierpont, died in January, 2017. He fought a long and awful battle with Alzheimer’s and I’m glad it is over. I am finding that it takes a while for the person who is left behind to recalibrate a path. It is time to come out from under a rock. My love goes to all of the wonderful members of ’66 who shared my sadness and lent support from a distance and via text, particularly Consuelo ‘Connie’ Staisey Woodhead, who lost her dear husband about the same time, and to dear Christine ‘Chris’ Crawford who urged me to go on a trip with her in February. I did go and then I spent a few great days with Chris in the mountains of North Carolina in August. I can’t believe it has been a year since the Class of 1966 found each other again, partied at Mary’s house, sang “Blue Moon” and a few numbers from The Boy Friend, hugged and cried, spoke to the Fifth Grade students about life then and now, cheered Linda Frank Ruth for being there and being completely honest, listened to Vicki Erenstein ya Toivo talk about the world in Namibia, and shared pieces of our life, loves, and burdens. We are due for a repeat reunion in 2018. I can’t wait 5 years.”