Margie Balter had a marvelous time at this year’s Grammy Awards. Margie is celebrating ten years of being a voting member of NARAS (National Association of Recording Arts and Sciences) which puts on the Grammys, and loves it all the more every year. Her debut Grammy award winning solo piano CD, Music from My Heart, is still getting loads of play on radio and in film and TV.

Nancy ‘Wendy’ Crawford Galleher retired two years ago and her husband George finally retired in December. With their daughters Elizabeth and Lauren in Oregon and Connecticut respectively, it’s wonderful to have the flexibility to travel frequently to both places to visit their four grandsons. Nancy writes, “One of our goals now, is to travel to all of our National Parks,” and she calls on classmates to attend Reunion next year. “I can’t believe our 50th is just around the corner!”

Lucy McDowell Karrys writes from her mountain home in Arizona, “Hello, WT alumnae/i and students. Our news is that our dear 30-year-old son-in-law Jesus Barron who was brought here as a five-year-old is imprisoned and to be deported. My daughter and only grandchildren who have always lived nearby and count on us as part of the village-it-takes-to-raise-a-child will be moving 1,200 miles away to one of the only really semi-safe places to live in Mexico, San Miguel Allende. My son-in-law’s long and complicated story, though heart breaking, is not unusual and will be told as a cautionary tale in the near future and in further installments by international investigative reporter Valeria Fernandez on CNNEspanol. We hope it will be picked up by many networks. For all of us insulated from the harsh realities of immigrant issues and those concerned about human rights, it is important to contact our legislators and ask for humane immigration laws to be put in place immediately.”

“Long may we remember, looking backward to thee. Inspiration you’ve brought us. Courage, loyalty,” writes Kathryn ‘Katy’ Rich Sherman. “It has been a long time. In fact, our 50th reunion approaches. Let’s rise and shine and raise a glass for dear old WT! The date is likely to be the weekend of October 12, 2018. Add that to your calendars and plan on coming. Email me at katyrich2@me.com. Looking forward to hearing from you.”