Amiena Mahsoob received a phone call from a woman who was cleaning out her parents’ house in Washington, Pennsylvania. She found a Class of 1969 class ring inscribed with the initials GHH, and would like to reunite it with its original owner. If you have any ideas on who that may be, please contact Amiena Mahsoob at mahsooba@winchesterthurston.org.

Gretchen Haien’s photography book

Gretchen Haien published a book of her photography titled, Incidentals: Seven Years of Photography. She is the head of the Photography Division of the Visual Art Department at Belhaven University in Jacksonville, Mississippi.

Lucinda ‘Cindy’ Cyert Steffes shared, “Retirement is fabulous! My husband and I live on Mercer Island, Washington six months in the summer and Scottsdale, Arizona six months in the winter. I am very busy volunteering with a group helping mothers and children!”