50th Reunion Year

Reunion reminiscing by
Alice May Succop Burger
50 years, a half century, five decades,
a moment in time.
Reunited to spend minutes
into hours into days
with profound women
who endeared themselves to me
a long time ago and have gathered
to support, share, and enjoy.
Years were peeled off as
Emotions were exposed
“Blue Moon” echoed as
New friendships emerged
18 to 68 years—1969 to 2019 times:
A new era from when we first met,
but the same ideas and feelings emerge
from all our years and all the stories,
experiences and heartfelt friendships
that were developed long ago.
We are WT women who endured, accomplished,
but most of all, kept steady
In our own way.
We are reeling…
from what we rediscovered and read in memories.
Giving thanks and appreciation to so many
Who will continue to gather in whatever way they can
to continue what was started many years ago.
Gentle and Kind; enduring comfort and rights
as we persist to keep us and all that is worthy intact.