Congratulations to Anita Prizio, who is now Councilperson for Allegheny County’s 3rd District.

Lillian Goldstein Schapiro shared, “A year and a half ago, I left a big OB/GYN group and opened my own GYN office one week later. I am learning about being a solo woman navigating in a world controlled by men. I am able to implement my ideas and provide care in the environment that I designed. My patients range from their teens through their 90s. One week I spoke (through multiple translators) to women from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Syria, and Iraq. The next week, I spoke to small groups of graduating seniors from one of Atlanta’s most affluent schools. Keeping with the times, I have added CoolSculpting to my practice and recently hosted a Facebook Live event on my Cool and Fit Facebook page. If you are in Atlanta, come see me or friend me on Facebook.”