35th Reunion Year

Mrs. Annie D. Guentner, former French teacher, recognized a photo from the alum archives. Madam Guentner writes, “I believe this is the tennis team that I coached. The team brought in a big trophy in the 1980s as the Berkman sisters, Ellen Berkman and Martha Berkman Winfield ’85, and Erika Rapport Kolod won all their matches. They were great players. Good memories!”

Jennifer Solow writes, “After a couple decades as a creative director in advertising, another as a fiction author, and a few years as a food blogger and an obsessive-compulsive vegetable gardener, I have finally decided to embrace the career that Gloria Acklin had in mind for me way back in eighth grade. With both Tallulah and Griffin out of the nest, I’m moving back to my farmhouse in New York full-time and took on the role of publisher and editor in chief of Edible Hudson Valley. Many thanks to Lynn Friedman, Sharon Reidbord, Gina Pampena, Honorary Alumna Jane Scarborough, and all of my WT friends who keep in touch. My first issue hit the stands this spring. I can’t absolutely guarantee it, but I think this might finally be what I want to be when I grow up.”