The Fool is the first book in a series of Tarot Card Mysteries written by WT Alumna Susan McGowan.


Susan McGowan shares, “Bevan Atkinson is my pen name. Because my parents paid for my wonderful WT education, where the English teachers told me I was a writer and gave me the Prose Award when I was a senior, I have managed to make a career out of employment that always required extensive writing as part of the job. So when I started writing fiction, I took one name from my Mom’s family and one from my Dad’s as my pseudonym, to pay tribute to their dedication to their children’s education. Starting in 2006, I began writing my mystery series, doing with the tarot cards what Sue Grafton did with the alphabet. I donated the series of paperbacks to the WT library at our 50th reunion, but I think that was two books ago, so I owe the library a couple of books. The sixth novel in my series The Tarot Mysteries: The Hierophant Card was published on November 3, 2019. The website is thetarotmysteries.com.”

Judith Uptegraff Spaeth reports, “I have retired with my husband to Florida, but I spend my summers in North Carolina where I have enjoyed reconnecting with WT classmates Annie Messer Wheat, Judi Cooper Martin, and Mary Lou Neely Everett. We have had a great time catching up over lunches.”