Sean ‘Rory’ Hughes created and produced a dance piece in Dublin, Ireland called “Holding On” which explores grief in two parts. Part one is based on the sculpture “Dark Elegy” which was created by a mother who lost her son in the 1988 terrorist attack on Pan Am Flight 103. Her son went to Syracuse University, where Rory attended college. The dance piece had been in Rory’s head for nearly fifteen years when attacks in Paris sparked his passion and desire again to explore and portray this topic. During a trip to New York, Rory visited the sculpture in person. He and his partner were overwhelmed with emotion seeing it and found that they could feel the grief of the other people walking around as well.

Anjali Sachdeva and Martin Kessler ’97 are proud to announce the birth of their second daughter, Athena Razia Kessler, on January 14.