hey organize Reunion events, serve as ambassadors for the school across the country and the world, connect with other alumnae/i in support of one another, and lend their voice and expertise in leadership positions, including as Board members and City as Our Campus partners.

WT alumnae/i are also ardent supporters of the WT Fund—many are members of the Thistle Honor Roll which recognizes those who have made WT a philanthropic priority for 10 or more continuous years. Sallie Gottlieb Korman ’51, Barbara Berkman Ackerman ’58, and Margaret Riehl Peabody ’65 are three of many alumnae who graduated more than 50 years ago and regularly support the WT Fund. Between them, they have given to WT for more than 100 years!

Sallie Gottlieb Korman ’51

WT taught Sallie to be an active participant in the community, and she has lived up to that commitment—dedicating her energies to the Institute of Contemporary Art and the School of Nursing, both at the University of Pennsylvania, and to the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society in Philadelphia, among others. When asked why she supports the WT Fund, Sallie remarks, “It is a way to support the activities of the school that did so much for me as a student.”

Barbara Berkman Ackerman ’58

As a lifelong Pittsburgher, Barbara supports WT to keep its role in the community strong and to keep the city attractive for newcomers. “I feel that people who were students in the past, and benefitted from their education, should be giving to those here today and tomorrow. This will help our city to be the best!”

Margaret ‘Marny’ Riehl Peabody ’65

For Marny, the motivation to give is rather simple. “WT was really a wonderful place for me—I made a number of life-long friends and had phenomenal teachers who made a greater impact on my education than did my college professors.”

Why do you give? Contact Director of Advancement Monica Manes Gay at 412-578-3746 or gaym@winchesterthurston.org to share what inspires you.