n a time when the news filling our screens and our lives has been so difficult to process, we reached out to alumnae/i to learn of the wonder, joy, and compassion that they’ve experienced despite the COVID-19 pandemic. We loved hearing from everyone!


Kristin Langley ’66 shares, “What is getting me through this time of staying at home is thinking about the sea turtles that live at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. I volunteer on the resident sea turtle team and have gotten to know each turtle. It surprised me to see that they are very nice. Bailey, our paraplegic turtle, yoga breathes to calm himself. Cocoa and Snorkel, our blind turtles, are so serene. Cocoa even sits on a staff member’s lap when he has lunch. Snorkel is still a toddler and eats like a baby bird. Our four turtles, who have air under their shells, sail around their habitat playing with each other. They have each suffered an adversity that would cause most humans to become angry and resentful. But they are happy and joyful for each day of their lives. It reminds me that we need to hold onto the same attitude. My mantra is to be kind, joyful, and like the sea turtles.”

Joi Cardinal A’75 shares, “I’m in Eugene, Oregon. Awesome Partner and I walk as much as possible and spied this great blue heron on a recent walk.”

Alice May Succop Burger ’69 shares, “My daughter Alissa is a member of a meal train delivering homemade lasagna to the ER staff at Shadyside Hospital.”

Heidi Kanterman Freedman ’74 shares, “My son Andrew is a Saratoga County, New York Police officer. He’s on the front line working through these difficult times. I’m so proud of him!”

Dayna Scott Jenkins ’11 shares, “I had a baby, Harrison Jenkins, and he is the best part of this lockdown!! We are over the moon!”

Claire Bruyneel ’91 reports from Belgium, “Good thing is, I am home most of the time, with my husband Thomas, and our kids Laure (16) and Antoine (14). They get work from school, but I am not the best teacher for Latin and math!! Laure goes jogging with me (I had not run since the summer) and it’s great to have these moments together. We started our vegetable garden, we cook together, and we have Zoom meetings with the grandparents and my sister living in France. We watch old movies all together. We also go to the post office and send cards to elderly people who live alone. Laure started painting again (see photo). These are tough times, but good times. My family is feeling well; my sister who is a pneumologist in a public hospital in Brussels works seven days a week and it is hard for her. We will get through the crisis!!!! Take care everyone!”

Alums  Deval ‘Reshma’ Paranjpe ’91 and Constance ‘Connie’ Paras ’89 have partnered to launch 412PPE to design and create personal protective equipment (PPE) that can be sanitized and used with disposable filters. For each mask purchased, a mask will be donated to healthcare workers at the frontline of the COVID pandemic. The project is backed by Pittsburgh legend Franco Harris and his son F. Dok Harris. Performing Arts faculty member Barb Holmes is assisting in sewing masks.

Heidi Kanterman Freedman ’74 shares, “My newest grandson Weston was picked by a photographer to be part of a Valentine’s Day photoshoot this past February in Connecticut. Weston was in the center of the chocolate box. The photoshoot went viral! Needless to say, now Weston has a voracious sweet tooth!”

On a sunny Saturday morning in April, volunteers, including Head of School Dr. Scott D. Fech and his son Beckett, delivered lawn signs to WT seniors.