all of Fame Inductee and keynote speaker Kimberly Farinet-Sailer ’87 developed her stand-out athletic abilities at WT but discovered her love for the physicality, mental challenge, and competition of ice skating as an adult. Sharing some of the big lessons she learned from diving into a new sport, Kimberly encouraged students to:

  • Be open to find that thing that will be your passion, that thing that truly inspires you … when you find it, explore it, experience it thoroughly, jump in with both feet!
  • Trust in those who know you and believe in you–that will start the ball rolling.
  • Listen to those who went before you, those who can teach you.
  • Just because you close a door doesn’t mean it’s locked forever. Over time your perspective may change. Let yourself reconsider your options.
  • Enjoy your success but be a good sport. How you handle yourself after you compete says a lot about who you are.