WT was built on a foundation of breaking boundaries. And now, more than in any other period in the school’s history, this concept of educational innovation is even more integral to the school’s Mission. It speaks to the support of deep learning that happens across disciplines and in non-traditional settings.

“Breaking Boundaries means that we are not going to be limited by any constraints of what people expect schools to be,” declares Head of School Dr. Scott D. Fech. “This isn’t simply about college preparation, this is much more forward-thinking. In a time when there’s an uncertain future and uncertain pathways, we want to prepare students to be flexible and adaptable. We can’t just be about academic learning; we must be about the application of that learning. As long as it’s connected to our Mission and to our credo, there are no limits.”

Separate even from WT’s ground-breaking e-learning programming, implemented during the state-mandated closure of school buildings this spring, following are just some of the ways that WT broke boundaries this school year.