“You have witnessed a rapidly changing world that needs your insight, your passion, your unwavering hope, and action for a kinder, gentler world.” —Dr. Scott D. Fech

The 72 members of the Class of 2021 were encouraged to recognize their strengths and stay connected as WT celebrated the school’s 134th Commencement exercises on June 3, 2021 at Carnegie Music Hall.

Student speakers Felix Bhattacharya, Ben Bermann, Eliot Herron, and Liam Kress were joined by Board President Paul Rosenblatt and Head of School Dr. Scott D. Fech in addressing the students and their guests. Student speakers reflected on and reframed the remarkable experiences of the past eighteen months and shared gratitude for their classmates and the WT community.

Winchester Thurston School Class of 2021

Jon Apessos
Lily D. Apostolopoulos
Jacob Eli Bair
Vishal Bandaru *
Benjamin Asher Bermann
Felix N. Bhattacharya
Ayisat A. Bisiriyu
Evan Marie Miller Blair
Eliott A. Boselli
William Buchanan
Megan S. Bulova *
Keran Chen
Xingru Chen
Laura Haruko Childs
Pablo A. Coen-Pirani
Scout Daisy Conley
Bryce J. Cooper *
Nathan Robert Donner
Eli Dorsey
Maxwell R. Dunham *
Martine Ferrency
Samuel A. Freudenberg
Cayla Cruz Gancy
Allen R. Gao
Caleb B. Greenwald *
Benjamin Gutschow
Abigail M. Hartman
Eliot A. Herron *
Babita Kathryn Heystek
T. Jerome *
Jizhou Jiang
Yipeng Jiang
Alptug H. Kaynar
Jack Keane-Lizano
Meredith Addison Kelley
Liam Kress
Rachel Rose Kuzmishin *
Janvier Nicole Lamont
Jingqi Li
Jada Lyde
Patrick Dalton Malone
Sofia Joy Mangiafico
Malaynie R. McCreary
Gwynnyth A. McGough
Moses H. Michie
Joseph Molder *
Anna Katherine Nesbitt
Nya N. Nicholson
Oscar Koziol Nigam
Niam Noaman
Alexander Oyebanji
Rajan Tekchandani Reddy
Gus Robinson
Christopher Bari Roman *
Maïté Nicole Sadeh
Dulce Alyse K. Sappington *
Samuel Emerson Siktar
Lila Green Spiro
Elizabeth Stenson
Emma Stewart
Grace Margaret Stewart
Zach Stewart
Mike Sun
Nicolette R. Topping
Rocco A. Turano
Asma’u Turner *
Mathias E. VanBriesen *
James Thaddeus Votruba-Drzal
Joel Isaiah Williams
Abhiram S. Yadagiri
Andrew Zivkovic *
Adeline Zwicker-Jones

*WT Lifer Legacy

“I truly believe that we have impacted every aspect of this institution, and most importantly, we have persevered through all the challenges that have come our way.”
—Felix Bhattacharya

“Director of Upper School Dr. Anne Fay tells me that your defining characteristic as a class is that you are LOUD; but I’m here to say that I’m pretty sure what is going on in the background of all that LOUD signal might be really interesting, too.”
—Paul Rosenblatt

“While WT is a physical space, what makes it special is the community it breeds.”
—Ben Bermann

“The pandemic took who we are and brought out the strength that was there all along.”
—Eliot Herron

“The coveted Class of 2021, the largest and loudest group in WT history, will stay together as one in spirit and will reunite during Reunions to come as if no time had ever passed.”
—Liam Kress

Excellence Honored

The Emily E. Dorrance award for a student whose conduct, interaction, and leadership best demonstrates the school credo, Think also of the comfort and the rights of others, given by friends of the Dorrance family
Eliot Ann Herron

The Mary A. Campbell award for outstanding scholarship, given by Katherine Houston Rush
Christopher Bari Roman

The Mary A. Graham Mitchell award for character, personality, loyalty, and scholarship
Anna Katherine Nesbitt 

The Alice M. Thurston award for integrity, courageous leadership, and service, given by the Board of Trustees
Adeline Zwicker-Jones

The Ruth S. Gamsby award for citizenship, kindness, and courteous helpfulness, given by the Daniel F. Mullane family
Rachel Rose Kuzmishin 

The Nina Wadhwa Student Council award for a student who best exemplifies Gentle in Manner, Strong in Deed, endowed by the Wadhwa family
Maïté Nicole Sadeh

The Jane L. Scarborough Award for teaching excellence 
Tracy Valenty