During her 26 years as an educator at WT, most recently as the science teacher at the North Hills Campus, Heather Capezzuti has infused countless students with enthusiasm for exploration and discovery while encouraging them to push themselves and try new things. This coming school year, students will witness ‘Mrs. Cap’ embody those principles as Director of the North Hills Campus.

Capezzuti is known for developing dynamic, hands-on science programs leveraging the seven-acre campus’s outdoor classrooms, and forging community partnerships that enrich students’ appreciation for science, research, and the natural world. Capezzuti grew the program according to its founding philosophy. “As former WT science teacher Ruth Grant best stated, ‘We insist that students be persistent, and we applaud their pride and delight in discovery. Latching onto that spark of curiosity in every child…requires an openness and patience toward exploration that we believe instills this essential notion: Understanding oneself and the world around us is a lifelong, fascinating pursuit.’ I feel like I have been able to uphold this philosophy and foster a love and appreciation for science and the scientific process in my students.”

Capezzuti’s connection to the North Hills Campus runs deep: During her early years at WT, she lived in the farmhouse on campus before growing enrollment necessitated its transformation into a classroom. “In my opinion, there couldn’t be a better person to lead the North Hills Campus at this time,” says Head of School Gary J. Niels. “Few people have as much history and love for Winchester Thurston as Heather. She is one of the most experienced and creative teachers on our staff. She lives the qualities of lifelong learning that we wish to cultivate in our students, and we are confident in her abilities as she takes on this new role.”

“More than being a teacher and more than having a residence here, I am most affected by my experience as a parent,” reflects Capezzuti. “I have witnessed first-hand the impact that an education at the North Hills Campus has had on my own children, Isaac and Sophie. I will be forever grateful to all the teachers, administrators, and families who helped them to build a solid academic foundation. They have developed into confident, curious, and caring young adults as a result of their interactions and experiences at WT. I am both humbled and honored to be able to give back to our wonderful community in this new capacity.”