Every day, more than 500 boys and girls stream through the City Campus Main Building, which was designed for 350 girls more than 50 years ago. In conjunction with a Master Site Plan, a commitment to meeting the demands of a growing student population, and sustainability goals, WT is renovating its most-used spaces on campus. In addition to reimagining the playgrounds, the athletics facilities and auditorium will receive well-earned upgrades.

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Expanding Athletics Facilities will allow the school to better facilitate and celebrate its athletics program, which now boasts 75% participation among all Middle and Upper School students.

• Enlarged fitness center
• Upgraded and secure locker rooms
• New entrance foyer with trophy cases
• Equipped athletic trainer’s space
• Increased, efficient storage space
• Energy-efficiency measures



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Upgrading Falk Auditorium gives the WT community a true performing arts space. WT’s award-winning performing arts program has risen above the technical challenges of the current antiquated facility through ingenuity, but students’ hands-on learning has been limited by space, equipment, and safety concerns.

• A permanent, elevated technical booth and elevated platforms for lighting and staging
• Upgraded acoustics, including sound equipment and sound-absorbing curtains and carpet
• Permanent theatrical lighting, accessible to students
• New seats to replace the originals
• Energy-efficiency measures

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