In Memoriam

Thistle LogoThe following members of the WT community will be missed by their classmates, friends, students, and colleagues. We offer sincere condolences to their families.

Margaret Laird Anderson ’31
Virginia Koch Daugherty ’31
Leaugeay Stevenson Berman ’34
Marjorie Vilsack Propst ’35
Virginia Ditges ’38
Mary Jane Harter Forker ’38
Mary Lou Armstrong Mele ’38
Dorothy O’Brien Mitchel ’38
Betty Jackson Cornell ’39
Sally Jacob Kuhn ’39
Elizabeth Wright Anderson ’45
Susan Williams Godinez ’45
Glenda Heilman ’45
Caroline O’Nan ’52
Jane Cancelliere Whitehead ’55
Sara Miller Gingras ’60
Patricia Pool ’65
Deborah Johnstone Gautschi ’66
Fae Rubenstein ’68
Peter Buongiorno ’07
Ruth Donnelly Egler, Honorary Alumna, former trustee
Bernice J. Davis, former Kindergarten teacher
Linet J. Feigel, former math teacher and academic support teacher