“It’s what everyone calls the campus already!”

This fall, WT announced a new name for its campus on Middle Road in Hampton Township. Previously “North Hills Campus at WT,” the campus will now be called “Winchester Thurston School, North Campus.”

The change was developed after conducting in-depth qualitative and quantitative research with both current and prospective families. As one parent noted in his survey response, “Why wouldn’t we move forward with this, it’s what everyone calls the campus already!”

While the change is small, the research shows that the new name more appropriately describes the broad geographic reach of the campus, making it more reflective of the school’s population. And, by spelling out Winchester Thurston School, the new name more immediately reflects the dual experience with the school’s City Campus—an experience that allows for a deep application in outdoor learning on the North Campus’s seven rolling acres, and unique educational opportunities with leaders from the academic, cultural, scientific, and business communities in Pittsburgh through City as Our Campus.