Britta Ericson Chambers went on a lovely 10-day cruise from Rome to Venice last summer with family and a friend. They visited Sicily, Malta, western Greek islands, and the beautiful Dalmatian coast. Britta particularly liked Kotor in Montenegro.


70th Reunion Year

Retirement expert and best-selling author Nancy Kamin Schlossberg’s newest book, Too Young to Be Old: Love, Learn, Work and Play as You Age, was published by the American Psychological Association in April.

Gerda Rice Whitman shared stories with Director of Alumnae/i Relations Linsey McDaniel A’96 about growing up in Pittsburgh and attending Winchester Thurston when Head of School Miss Mitchell was alive.


65th Reunion Year

Barbara Abney Bolger was honored in November at the Junior League of Bergen County’s 30th annual Festival of Trees at Ridgewood Country Club in Paramus, an evening filled with entertainment, auctions, open bar, and a sit down dinner.


Elisabeth ‘Betsy’ Riddle Ruderfer moved back to Pittsburgh from Washington D.C. after 50 years away. She hopes to re-connect with old friends and is happy to be back in her beloved home town. Betsy writes, “Pittsburgh is such a  beautiful city! Contact me at (412) 687-2392 or br.ruderfer@gmail.com.”

Mary Ann Rowe Wucher is living in an apartment at Providence Point and loving it. Mary writes, “Never eat dinner alone! I’ve buried two husbands. Fred was my spouse for 51 years and then I married my brother-in-law Lou Scheimer from California. I never lived there permanently but went back and forth. We were together four years and married 17 months. Two of my three children live nearby so I keep in touch with three out of the five grandchildren. With all of the soccer games, baseball games, and ice hockey games it’s fun!”


Mary Christner Mullins writes, “you’re never too old!” She and her husband Greg both celebrated their 80th birthdays and he decided to celebrate by doing a sky dive. Mary, on the other hand, chose to get together with friends this winter and she, Roberta ‘Bobbie’ Moritz Friedlander, Janet Rothman Markel, and Anne ‘Kiki’ Bahr McConnel were able to visit together in Naples and had a nice time.


Lynne Crookston Stull is still doing well in her “just-like-new” home in Horizon Village in North Fort Myers, Florida, playing bells in church and going to many activities in the large community clubhouse. Lynne writes, “We have a guest room and bath available, so come on down!”


1957 60th Reunion Year Carole Oswald Markus and Mary Succop Dickson caught up at the WT reception hosted by Kelly Hanna Riley ’91 in Naples, Florida. They can’t wait to see classmates in Pittsburgh for …


1959 Rachel ‘Gay’ Knake Haines, Polly Brandt Lechner and Carolyn ‘Lyn’ Clark Pegg, got together for a Class of 1959 mini-reunion in Venice, Florida in February where they enjoyed hours of lively conversation, reviewing the …


1962 55th Reunion Year Mary Alice Henninger Price is interested in being in touch with classmates as their 55th Reunion approaches this year!


After several trips to visit family in Utah, Texas, and Florida last year, Jennifer Davies stayed put, looking out over Long Island Sound and working in her garden. She also worked on large-scale papermaking in the yard, creating pieces for her solo show this past February at City Gallery in New Haven. The exhibit includes sewn collage of Japanese papers that Jennifer describes as, “printed from those loopy black tar lines that repair cracks in parking lots. Believe me, you have to abandon all pride to sit out there and print the asphalt—one of the good things about being 70! I made all the paper in the show from mulberry stalks, taking over the whole back yard.”


Susan ‘Susie’ MacMichael Zuntini finally hiked to Machu Picchu in September, a lifetime dream. She also crossed a canyon on a zip line—a scary first! Her son Alex with wife Kara and dog Beast completed a southbound hike through the Appalachian Trail amid snow and fire this year. Susie and her husband joined them in the tame Shenandoah National Park for five days. Susie reunited with Ellen Halteman and Lucy Miller Stevens in Vancouver. “Life is good!,” writes Susie. “Except for politics.”


Kristin Langley writes, “I have retired and started to volunteer. My first activity is with the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, home of Winter, the dolphin. Check out www.seewinter.com to see all of the work they do with stranded and injured marine mammals. I love preparing fish dinners for otters, dolphins, turtles, and sharks.”


50th Reunion Year

Heather Wishik and her spouse have moved to Boca Raton, Florida where Heather works from a home office as the Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer for The Nature Conservancy globally.


Margie Balter had a marvelous time at this year’s Grammy Awards. Margie is celebrating ten years of being a voting member of NARAS (National Association of Recording Arts and Sciences) which puts on the Grammys, and loves it all the more every year. Her debut Grammy award winning solo piano CD, Music from My Heart, is still getting loads of play on radio and in film and TV.

Nancy ‘Wendy’ Crawford Galleher retired two years ago and her husband George finally retired in December. With their daughters Elizabeth and Lauren in Oregon and Connecticut respectively, it’s wonderful to have the flexibility to travel frequently to both places to visit their four grandsons. Nancy writes, “One of our goals now, is to travel to all of our National Parks,” and she calls on classmates to attend Reunion next year. “I can’t believe our 50th is just around the corner!”

Lucy McDowell Karrys writes from her mountain home in Arizona, “Hello, WT alumnae/i and students. Our news is that our dear 30-year-old son-in-law Jesus Barron who was brought here as a five-year-old is imprisoned and to be deported. My daughter and only grandchildren who have always lived nearby and count on us as part of the village-it-takes-to-raise-a-child will be moving 1,200 miles away to one of the only really semi-safe places to live in Mexico, San Miguel Allende. My son-in-law’s long and complicated story, though heart breaking, is not unusual and will be told as a cautionary tale in the near future and in further installments by international investigative reporter Valeria Fernandez on CNNEspanol. We hope it will be picked up by many networks. For all of us insulated from the harsh realities of immigrant issues and those concerned about human rights, it is important to contact our legislators and ask for humane immigration laws to be put in place immediately.”

“Long may we remember, looking backward to thee. Inspiration you’ve brought us. Courage, loyalty,” writes Kathryn ‘Katy’ Rich Sherman. “It has been a long time. In fact, our 50th reunion approaches. Let’s rise and shine and raise a glass for dear old WT! The date is likely to be the weekend of October 12, 2018. Add that to your calendars and plan on coming. Email me at katyrich2@me.com. Looking forward to hearing from you.”


Christine McGowan Hess writes, “My quadruplet daughters are over 35 now, and I have three grandsons and three granddaughters between the ages of two and seven. I’m still working: 16 years with the County Office of Education as a payroll specialist, and 24 years with H&R Block as an enrolled agent and master tax advisor during tax season.”


Jane Nash Holland, Sally Weigler Golden, and Jane Cauley spent a lovely reunion weekend in New York. Jane writes, “We went to a Golden Girls puppet show and all want to be Blanche when we “grow up”. We are trying to make this an annual event. Even though we do not see each other frequently through the year, we do not lose any time catching up! It’s so special to have friends for over 50 years; we met in the 9th grade!”


45th Reunion Year

Carolyn Cramer Sanford saw Hallie Weissman Cohn while visiting her sister Cynthia Cramer Lackey ’75 in Hong Kong where Cynthia and Hallie are neighbors!


Heidi Kanterman Freedman has been very busy since retirement from teaching. Her daughter Hillary, who lives in Connecticut, had a second child, a boy named Carter, last July. He joined sister Madelyn, who is three. Heidi’s son Andrew was married to Krystie Bellandi in September at the Glen Sanders Mansion in Schenectady, New York. Heidi and her husband Glenn have been cruising now and then, to Alaska and Nova Scotia, and are looking forward to a Bermuda cruise this September.


Carol Levy, also known as “The Billion Dollar Broker”, welcomed two extraordinary identical baby twins to her family!


Madeleine Morgan Fackler visited Entebbe, Uganda where she was working with finance and supply chain leaders from nine different Internatinoal Rescue Committee program offices in Africa and the Middle East. She’s helping to design the needed systems to support the IRC’s work in the refugee camps. Madeleine writes, “It feels good to be able to use my skill set to help some of the world’s most vulnerable!”


40th Reunion Year

Marsia Gibel Seydoux and Arlene Allridge Seydoux are traveling from Philadelphia and Switzerland to be at the 40th Reunion this year and they encourage classmates to join them!


Caprice Pierucci has been in over ninety exhibitions and won numerous awards for her artwork. Her signature wood sculptures use linear shapes and progressive rhythm to create movement and shadow. The pieces reflect her background in fibers. Caprice earned her Bachelor in Fine Arts from Carnegie Mellon University and her Master of Fine Arts degree from the School of Visual Arts in New York City.


Last year was a big travel year for Stephanie Wishnev. She and her partner Lynn travelled to Romblon and Anilao in the Philippines, and rafted the Firth River in the Yukon all the way to the Arctic Ocean. They also spent a week at Amelia Island for Stephanie’s mother-in-law’s 80th birthday. Lastly, they completed an epic six-day hike in the High Sierras in Yosemite.


35th Reunion Year

Mrs. Annie D. Guentner, former French teacher, recognized a photo from the alum archives. Madam Guentner writes, “I believe this is the tennis team that I coached. The team brought in a big trophy in the 1980s as the Berkman sisters, Ellen Berkman and Martha Berkman Winfield ’85, and Erika Rapport Kolod won all their matches. They were great players. Good memories!”

Jennifer Solow writes, “After a couple decades as a creative director in advertising, another as a fiction author, and a few years as a food blogger and an obsessive-compulsive vegetable gardener, I have finally decided to embrace the career that Gloria Acklin had in mind for me way back in eighth grade. With both Tallulah and Griffin out of the nest, I’m moving back to my farmhouse in New York full-time and took on the role of publisher and editor in chief of Edible Hudson Valley. Many thanks to Lynn Friedman, Sharon Reidbord, Gina Pampena, Honorary Alumna Jane Scarborough, and all of my WT friends who keep in touch. My first issue hit the stands this spring. I can’t absolutely guarantee it, but I think this might finally be what I want to be when I grow up.”


30th Reunion Year

Members of the Class of 1987 marching to celebrate Winchester Thurston’s centennial in 1987 hold signs proclaiming WT as “the choice of a new generation.” Recognize this photo? Contact us at alum@winchesterthurston.org with the classmates and story captured here.


After many years away in Oswego, New York, Melissa Hellman discovered the piano that her family donated to the school during a visit to WT to tour the building and to say hello to beloved teacher Barbara Whitney Holmes.


25th Reunion Year

Rebecca ‘Becca’ Smith was a member of the six-person “CodeBusters” team that took the grand prize at the second PNC APIFest where 275 participants from 12 states brainstormed to develop or expand the bank’s services. Team CodeBusters came up with HealthWallet, a one-stop shop for medical consumers.


Ian Gould continues his professional life with Shakespeare, traveling across the country teaching master classes at universities and appearing off-Broadway with New York Classical Theatre, where he was named an Associate Artist. He played Gratiano in The Merchant of Venice with the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey. You may also see Ian as the “sci-fi aficionado” in a commercial advertising campaign for AT&T.


Benjamin ‘Ben’ Brody and his wife Lauren live in New York City with their two sons, Will, age eight, and Teddy, age five. Ben is a psychiatrist at Weill Cornell New York Presbyterian Hospital, and writes, “I am excited to report that Lauren’s first book The Fifth Trimester: The Working Mom’s Guide to Style, Sanity and Big Success After Baby was published in April by the Doubleday imprint of Random House. Every new working mom needs a copy! Much love to the WT community from New York.”

Artist and elementary school arts educator Rebecca Rothfus Harrell is living in Austin with her husband, Clayton, where she enjoys the warm weather. Rebecca recently discovered that fellow Austin artist Caprice Pierucci ’78 is also a WT alumna at a WT dinner this winter. Rebecca sees classmate Jonathan ‘Chaka Dada’ Mahone, founder of hip hop band Riders of the Storm, at his local dance parties and performances from time to time. You can find Rebecca’s paintings and collages at rebeccarothfus.com


Sean ‘Rory’ Hughes created and produced a dance piece in Dublin, Ireland called “Holding On” which explores grief in two parts. Part one is based on the sculpture “Dark Elegy” which was created by a mother who lost her son in the 1988 terrorist attack on Pan Am Flight 103. Her son went to Syracuse University, where Rory attended college. The dance piece had been in Rory’s head for nearly fifteen years when attacks in Paris sparked his passion and desire again to explore and portray this topic. During a trip to New York, Rory visited the sculpture in person. He and his partner were overwhelmed with emotion seeing it and found that they could feel the grief of the other people walking around as well.

Anjali Sachdeva and Martin Kessler ’97 are proud to announce the birth of their second daughter, Athena Razia Kessler, on January 14.


20th Reunion Year

Visit the “WT Class of ’97 20th Reunion” page on Facebook to reflect back and be reminded of your senior survival tips, check out old photos, and see updates and video for Reunion. Contact Megan Kime McCarthy, Meridith Deluzio Pettigrew, Stacey Stanczak Smith or Sarah Zeitler about plans for the 20th!


Kathryn ‘Kathy’ White Hawkins and her husband Jeff live in Scarborough, Maine, and are the founders of Eucalypt, eucalyptmedia.com, a content marketing agency that works with global brands including LinkedIn. Kathryn is also a columnist for Inc.com and several other publications. She and Jeff also have two amazing children, Leah, age seven, and Sean, age three. Kathryn regrets being so shy in high school, and invites any former classmates to join her for a lobster roll if they ever make it up to Maine.


Alex Bickel was the colorist for the Best Picture of the Year, Moonlight! Moonlight received a range of accolades and wins including nominations for Best Cinematography and Best Film Editing. Alex is Founder of the Color Collective, colorcollective.com, an award-winning media production company specializing in color grading services for commercials, feature films, and music videos.

Tara McGovern graduated in December from George Mason University, Schar School of Policy and Government with a Ph.D. in Public Policy.

Andrew Santelli toured Director of Advancement Ashley Harper and Director of Alumnae/i Relations Linsey McDaniel A’96 around the Disney Offices where Andrew manages the Digital Business and is Chief of Staff for Disney Parks and Resorts Digital.


William Banks made his conducting debut leading performances for Propel High School’s production of The Wiz. William writes, “A fantastic band and hard-working students helped to make this production a success. I hope the future brings many more opportunities to conduct this beautiful work.”

Barry Rabkin celebrated his second anniversary at Identified Technologies, the leading fully-managed commercial drone solution for tracking and optimizing industrial job sites. This past fall, Barry earned his Krav Maga Orange Belt and joined the Pittsburgh Jewish Family and Children’s Service Board of Directors. Barry and his wife Sarah Paret Rabkin A’03 moved next to Blue Slide Park in Squirrel Hill this spring to give their growing family more room to play. If you’re in the neighborhood they’ve got bottles ready for you (and babies) and would love to catch up!


15th Reunion Year

Matthew Benic is working as a College Mental Health Counselor at East Carolina University and is living in Greenville, North Carolina. He is pursuing full LPC licensure there and is the social media chair for the department on top of co-leading groups and counseling students.


Keely Borland was a featured vocalist in the Baltimore Musicales spring inspired program, performing songs by Schumann, Schubert, Strauss, and the French composer Cécile Chaminade. A dynamic coloratura soprano, Keely made her company debut as Bella Giretti in Franz Lehar’s Paganini with Philadelphia Concert Operetta Theater and returned to Fargo-Moorhead Opera as First Lady in The Magic Flute. Keely’s other roles include Gretel in Hansel and Gretel (Opera Louisiane), Celia in Iolanthe (Young Victorian Theatre Company), and Flora in The Turn of the Screw (Hub Opera Ensemble).


On March 9, 2017, Patrice Alexander Alaquiva and her husband, Emmai, hosted a fundraiser celebration for their favorite charities and to celebrate the recognition of being one of Whirl Magazine’s 2017 “Couples Who Make a Difference.” Along with generous donations from guests, they raised over $5,000 for Baptist Temple Church and East End Cooperative Ministry.

For more than four years Emily Hoffman has been working on a tall ship based out of Erie, the Niagara, which is a historically accurate replica of the ship that Oliver Hazard Perry used to win the Battle of Lake Erie during the War of 1812. The Niagara operates as a Sailing School Vessel running two to four-week long sail training programs and educational day sails out of the Erie Maritime Museum, including school sails for grades eight and up. Emily is happy to be contacted for information about the programs or to make a presentation.


10th Reunion Year

Catherine ‘Katie’ Conway, D.O. graduated from the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine with a degree of Doctor of Osteopath last year. Katie was the first recipient of the LECOM-Highmark “Student-to-Practice” Academic Scholarship which was based on “academic performance, a commitment to practicing in primary care and prior experience working with underserved populations.” At graduation, Katie was awarded the “Orville and Arlene Kelley Award for Family Medicine” given to the member of the graduating class who has upheld the ideals of the osteopathic profession and demonstrated clinical expertise in the field of Family Medicine. Dr. Conway is living in Beaver, Pennsylvania while completing her residency in Family Medicine with the Heritage Valley Health System.


Friends and family gathered in Miami in February for the wedding of Taylor Croft ’08 to her Husband Tucker Donahue.


Kevin Nguyen has been teaching English in Nagoya, Japan since August, and it’s been a great experience so far. Kevin thanks all of his teachers for being great role models and for continuing to support him as he continues to learn and grow.


Khalipha Misawa finished his Masters of Science in Social Policy at the University of Pennsylvania last year and is currently attending Law School.


Rogan Grant will be attending Northwestern University next year, to pursue a Ph.D. in neurobiology. Rogan writes, “This has been a quiet goal of mine since high school, and I can’t easily put into words how excited I am to have made it this far. After nearly six years of active preparation, wrought with some notable difficulties along the way, I can finally say that I am exactly where I want to be. Next step: understanding and curing neurodegenerative disease. Thank you to all of you who helped me along the way! I fully appreciate that I would not be here without you. Even just the occasional word of encouragement has made all the difference.”


5th Reunion Year

Lisa Fierstein’s documentary, The Presence Project, was accepted into Thirteen WNET New York’s short film contest! The documentary follows the partnership between Meghan Murray, a studio art major at Skidmore College and Beacon Pointe Memory Care, a senior living community for people with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Through the power of images, Meghan captures the residents’ personality in a fleeting moment in time, and honors them for who they were and who they are now. The Presence Project hopes to bring awareness about the fragility of memory, and to close the gap between the older and younger generations because no matter how old you are or how sharp your memory is, everyone has a story to tell.

Elizabeth Friedman graduated from Kenyon College last year and started the Teacher Education Program at the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education. During the program, she student taught in two classrooms in West Philadelphia, first in kindergarten and then in second grade. In May, she graduated with a Master’s degree in Elementary Education. She looks forward to soon teaching in a classroom of her own!


The music video that Randon Bopp directed made it to Australia TV, it screened at the Daytona 500 race last year, and has made it on many websites including MTV, VH1, CMT, Country Music News, Fanpop and many more! He also directed Season 1 of America Talks TV, which aired on Verizon Fios cable television. Randon’s documentary The Unforgotten Hero aired twice on Verizon Fios as well. Following his third tour with the band The Stickers, Randon is excited to be moving to Nashville to pursue his filmmaking career there and get a foot in the music video and social marketing industry.

Samuel ‘Sam’ Schreiber, a recent graduate in Engineering Physics at Stanford University, was honored in April as a recipient of the university’s Frederick Emmons Terman Award for Scholastic Achievement in Engineering. The award is presented to the top 5% of graduating seniors from the School of Engineering, a school which has been at the forefront of innovation for nearly a century. While pursuing his undergraduate degree, Sam has participated in international earthquake engineering competitions and worked for two firms in the Chinese solar industry. He credits his passion and success to encouragement that he received while a student at WT. “I was afraid that I couldn’t do it [succeed at physics], but Mr. Gee told me I could. That decision really was a formative moment in my academic career. My success was a validation for the confidence he helped me build.”


Kyle Salmon Droppa presented a research poster at the University of Pittsburgh’s Annual Research Day on grey matter structural changes associated with cognition and late life depression. Kyle hopes to also author an article for publication before he graduates from New York University.


Alexandra Uribe has been enjoying her sophomore year at Duke. This semester she is happy to announce her major in International Studies with a minor in Visual Media Studies. In addition, she is thankful to be able to continue working as an academic coordinator for Mi Gente (Duke’s Latin American Student Organization). In her free time, she enjoys fundraising for Chi Omega, practicing taekwondo, and learning Latin dances. This summer, Alexandra will be a volunteer in the Duke in Guatemala Program before embarking on her junior year.

Honorary Alumnae/i

Susan ‘Sue’ Clement Scarborough has been the Head of Powhatan School in Northern Virginia for six years after working at Buckingham Browne and Nichols School in Boston, Massachusetts for nine years. Sue and her husband Cary live on a twenty-two-acre horse farm and enjoy being in the country yet close enough to the Washington D.C. area for day trips. Powhatan School is near Winchester, Virginia and is only three and a half hours from Pittsburgh so visits to see family and friends are easy and frequent!

Former WT employees Linda Swarlis, Pat Leddy, and Gaylen Faller Westfall took a road trip through Southern France and enjoyed sightseeing in Monaco.

In Memoriam

Thistle LogoThe following members of the WT community will be missed by their classmates, friends, students, and colleagues. We offer sincere condolences to their families.

Helen McNair Sinnett ’36
Jane Brooke Farnsworth ’37
Eleanor Jackson Migdal ’42
Letitia Rieck ’43
Lois Hertz Lesser ’45
Margery Hamilton ’46
Cynthia Scott ’46
Virginia Jack Claxon ’48
Mary Louise Rodewald Forni ’49
Eleanor Decker McNaugher ’49
Carol Straub Guilbert ’50
Phyllis Shoemaker Beardsley ’52
Jennie Lou Blackmore ’53
Susan Barker Philp ’59
Lesa Morrison ’80

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