Ruth Weimer Tillar is still very active with the College of William and Mary, where she serves on many boards and committees. She is also active in her local hospital auxiliary board and a book club. Ruth keeps in touch with Patricia ‘Pat’ Williams Gilchrist and Marion Thompson Kerwin ’42.  She recently shared her warm memories of being a “house girl” in Miss Mitchell’s home during grades 10-12.


Ruth Friedman Ornitz reports, “I am still healthy. Not playing golf or tennis any more, but I’m fine and traveling a lot with my husband, Bob.”

Rita Gottlieb Levis recently moved to La Jolla, California to be near her son. She shared with Amiena Mahsoob her memories of growing up in Squirrel Hill and Shadyside and her experiences as a travel agent.


Natalie Kaufman Levant headlines comedy shows

Natalie Kaufman Levant shared, “After my husband’s death, I tried needlepoint and bingo to fill my time before turning to my love of theater. I began participating in open mic nights and now perform regularly and headline in venues in Philadelphia as a standup comic. You can find information about my shows on Facebook by searching for Natalie K. Levant.”


Lois Graham Tingler shared with Director of Alumnae/i Relations Amiena Mahsoob her fond memories of WT and how she came to the Los Angeles area following graduation from college. Her four children and eleven grandchildren keep her busy. She and her family have sailed to Tahiti, Hawaii, and Alaska and have taught their grandchildren to sail.


Barbara Abney Bolger shared, “In 1973, I chaired a Task Force that worked with a nonprofit and the Junior League to establish Bergen County’s first group home for teenage girls. I served as Advisory Council Chair for some 37 years as well as a Trustee of the nonprofit. The program is now changing; it will focus on young single mothers and their babies, giving educational, life skills, and employment training. Still helping young women! This was announced April 22 at a special brunch honoring the current Advisory Council and me, as the founding leader. It was a very special day!”


65th Reunion Year

Members of the Class of 1953: Recognize this photo? Share the classmates and story captured here with Amiena Mahsoob at mahsooba@winchesterthurston.org.


[With sadness, we note that Linda passed away shortly after submitting this note; we share it so that those who knew her would remember her joie de vivre.]

Melinda ‘Linda’ Brown Beard reported, “Just had my second great grandchild. Who would ever have guessed we would be here? Still have my same dear husband, same home, same four children and four in-laws and nine grandchildren. All’s well with the world. Still involved in volunteer work and year-end office reports. Also play duplicate bridge to keep the brain cells oiled. Life continues to be kind to me.”


  60th Reunion Year

Members of the class of 1958: Don’t miss the boat on Reunion 2018!

Barbara Berkman Ackerman, Joanne Johnston Bowser, and Susan ‘Susie’ Pekruhn Glotfelty shared, “Remember what fun we had at our 50th? Let’s do it again! The 60th Reunion is quite a milestone, and we should all plan to be together again in October to celebrate. Everyone who comes will make the festivities extra special. Please save the date!”


Elisa Lynch Simmons has been married to Tom for 50 years, has four married children, who are all doing well, and nine grandchildren. The oldest grandchild is in college and the 10th is expected in November.


Eleanore ‘Ellie’ Nix Childs retired from Law, Heartwood, and the Farm. Ellie writes, “I am now happily transplanted, with Bob, to Sebastopol, California. Five of my seven children live in the Bay Area, and I’m about to be blessed with my 16th grandchild. I hope our class is happy and hopeful for our future.”


  55th Reunion Year

Members of the Class of 1963: Recognize this photo? Share the classmates and story captured here with Amiena Mahsoob at mahsooba@winchesterthurston.org.


Nancy Herron shared, “I retired this year after forty-four years in social work. Whew! The electronic medical record almost did me in. My husband, Reed, is retiring in July. We’re still in New Jersey, and I have a new granddaughter, Molly, who lives with her brother, Henry, and parents, Laura and Matt outside Detroit. Not sure if we want to move, and where to. Florida, Detroit, Maine, or stay here? Any suggestions? Love to hear from you.”

Nancy Clever Middleton writes, “Hello to all my fellow basketball players. I remember our team of Marny, Cathy,  Ann, Sally, Dana, Peggy, Jeannie, Mary Helen, Jo, Kay, and Helen Mar, plus the juniors. Did you see that WT won the WPIAL championship for the second year in a row? We had fun, but not such success in 1965.”

Claudine Cmarada Schneider recently collaborated on an article published in The New York Times, “Beware of Devin Nunes’s Next Move.” She is a former Republican representative from Rhode Island and serves on the board of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.

Susan ‘Susie’ MacMichael Zuntini writes, “In 2017 our classmates passed the cap of 70! Franco and I invited our close family for a hiking, biking, and swimming adventure in Serra de Tramuntana, Majorca. We found a trip that the youngsters wouldn’t whine about and the oldsters could manage too. October is a quiet month in the otherwise busy Balearic Islands and the nature is outstanding.”


Margaret ‘Meg’ Gezon Meltz and her husband have traveled extensively throughout the country on two wheels. Additionally, they belong to a community dance group that supports music education in public schools in Santa Fe.


Eleanor Schatz Magyar exclaimed, “I am finally a grandmother! Henry Thomas Pfister was born on Saturday, February 10, 2018. All are doing well.”

Hannah ‘Ann’ Mercer shared, “I enjoyed seeing my classmates at the reunion. I want to thank Eleanor Schatz Magyar for her generosity and thoughtfulness in picking a number of our classmates up at the airport and inviting them to stay at her home, and Jan Alpert Engelberg for hosting a lovely party.”

Judith Craig Sutton traveled to Venice with an old friend. Judith writes, “The weather was perfect the whole time. We also went to Ravenna, to see its amazing mosaics, and to Modena, for more beautiful sights, historic sites, and great food!”

Recognize this photo? Share the story captured  here with Amiena Mahsoob mahsooba@winchesterthurston.org.


50th Reunion Year

Members of the Class of 1968. Recognize this photo? Contact Amiena Mahsoob at mahsooba@winchesterthurston.org with the story and classmates captured here.

Message from the Class of 1967 to the Class of 1968: “Come to your 50th Reunion! We had a great time and WT treated us like queens! ”

Kathryn ‘Katy’ Rich Sherman, Terry Donaldson, Patricia ‘Patty’ Watson Kammerer, and Frances ‘Francie’ Hoffman Puntereri are leading the charge for Reunion. Please let them know if you are planning to attend and how you would like to help. It promises to be a wonderful experience.

Tanya Blades Palmer met WT faculty member Abby Holland over winter break in Kansas City, Missouri. Tanya and Abby’s grandmother live in the same complex. Tanya shared, “I think it was totally amazing that Abby and I happened to meet each other in such a small location, so far away from Pittsburgh.”


Amiena Mahsoob received a phone call from a woman who was cleaning out her parents’ house in Washington, Pennsylvania. She found a Class of 1969 class ring inscribed with the initials GHH, and would like to reunite it with its original owner. If you have any ideas on who that may be, please contact Amiena Mahsoob at mahsooba@winchesterthurston.org.

Gretchen Haien’s photography book

Gretchen Haien published a book of her photography titled, Incidentals: Seven Years of Photography. She is the head of the Photography Division of the Visual Art Department at Belhaven University in Jacksonville, Mississippi.

Lucinda ‘Cindy’ Cyert Steffes shared, “Retirement is fabulous! My husband and I live on Mercer Island, Washington six months in the summer and Scottsdale, Arizona six months in the winter. I am very busy volunteering with a group helping mothers and children!”


National Geographic Photographer Lynn Johnson recently collaborated on a Pittsburgh-based project with alumni parent, Scott Goldsmith (among others) that was highlighted in the New York Times, “Migration Stories From the Stoops of Pittsburgh.” The photographs were exhibited at the Westmoreland Museum of Art.


Carolyn Cramer Sanford shared, “I continue to work part-time for Linden Partners, a fundraising consulting firm in Pittsburgh, and also part-time for the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. Both are stimulating and enjoyable!”


45th Reunion Year

Members of the Class of 1973: Share your memories of this day with Amiena Mahsoob at mahsooba@winchesterthurston.org.

Victoria Dym teaches Laughter Yoga, Improv, and Poetry. She recently published her second chapbook by Finishing Line Press, When The Walls Cave In. She is also an improviser on a house team at The Box Theater in Tampa, Florida.

Amy Nixon, Maureen Sullivan, and Barbara Jo ‘BJ’ Finkel Holmes look forward to seeing the Class of 1973 for Reunion.  Maureen writes, “It is an opportunity for fun, reminiscing, and filling in the gaps since our paths last crossed.”


Leslie Joseph Bonci writes, “After a long career at UPMC, I opened my own business in 2015, Active Eating Advice by Leslie, a nutrition consulting company. I have had the honor of speaking across the U.S. and around the world as well as developing some culinary programs in Pittsburgh. I have written two books, and co-authored four, and blog regularly for U.S. News. I also have a weekly TV segment on KDKA. Most importantly, I am the proud Glamma of Joshua and Mya, proud mother of Greg, a radiologist, and Cary, a physical therapist, and grateful wife of Fred.”


40th Reunion Year

Members of the Class of 1978: Share your memories of this day with Amiena Mahsoob at mahsooba@winchesterthurston.org.

Amy Kamin is continuing with busy life in New York City as CEO of medical/beauty company EndyMed which develops a home use aesthetic treatment device available at Neiman Marcus stores and QVC. Her daughter, Sydney, is now 24 and works in fashion media as a style correspondent on “The Jam” (ABC TV in Chicago) and “NY Live” in New York City. Her son, Mitchell, is now 14 and busy at Birch Wathen Lenox School in New York City and with his sneaker business.


Congratulations to Anita Prizio, who is now Councilperson for Allegheny County’s 3rd District.

Lillian Goldstein Schapiro shared, “A year and a half ago, I left a big OB/GYN group and opened my own GYN office one week later. I am learning about being a solo woman navigating in a world controlled by men. I am able to implement my ideas and provide care in the environment that I designed. My patients range from their teens through their 90s. One week I spoke (through multiple translators) to women from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Syria, and Iraq. The next week, I spoke to small groups of graduating seniors from one of Atlanta’s most affluent schools. Keeping with the times, I have added CoolSculpting to my practice and recently hosted a Facebook Live event on my Cool and Fit Facebook page. If you are in Atlanta, come see me or friend me on Facebook.”


Sofia ‘Stef’ Agras shared that her experiences as an academically competitive WT student empowered her to work in male-dominated startup companies in Silicon Valley. She is committed to mentoring individuals and organizations in the startup space.


35th Reunion Year

Upper School Student Council 1982-1983: Share your stories with Amiena Mahsoob at mahsooba@winchesterthurston.org.

Gretchen Larson Maslanka shares, “I am hosting the Class Party on Reunion weekend and look forward to seeing my ’83 classmates! Please get in touch if you plan on coming and can help to spread the word.”


30th Reunion Year

Class of 1988 Lifers: Recognize this photo? Contact Amiena Mahsoob at mahsooba@winchesterthurston.org with the story behind the Raggedy Ann doll.

Mary Martin shared, “This March, we had a true WT celebration. I was in a group exhibit, Touching Earth: Women Creating Communities, with female artists from around the country alongside three of my Class of 2018 clay students: Isel Pollock, Sophia Lebiere, and Erika Sogawa. This exhibition was also included as part of the National Council of Education for the Ceramic Arts (NCECA) Conference held at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center.”

Annette Caplan Ruzicka has been promoted to Program Director of Richmond with Mindspire Test Prep, headquartered in Durham, North Carolina. She and her family have recently moved to the Richmond, Virginia area and are enjoying being in a more temperate climate.

She reports, “My husband, Matt, recently retired after 24 years of service in the U.S. Army and we all enjoyed our previous times being stationed in Virginia. Relocating here was a natural move for both of us and our kids.” Annette invites any alumnae/i in the Richmond area to contact her. “I’d love to connect with others who ‘think also of the comfort and the rights of others,’ both in Richmond and in Pittsburgh at our Reunion weekend in October!”

Christin Zandin is coming all the way from Stockholm, Sweden for her 30th Reunion! Will you join her?


Marie ‘Chris’ Phillips Gregory was ordained as a Vocational Deacon in the Episcopal Church Diocese of Springfield on January 25 after graduating from Nashotah House Theological Seminary in 2017.


(L-R) Mara McFalls Falk, daughters Margaret and Annie, and husband John

Mara McFalls Falk writes, “Thanks to all of my WT friends who shared kind thoughts, notes and calls when my husband, John, died this past August. My girls, Margaret (age seven) and Annie (age four), and I treasure the good years we shared with our kindest, funniest, smartest, and most adventurous husband and daddy.”


25th Reunion Year

Members of the Class of 1993: Please help us to identify the students in this photo by emailing Amiena Mahsoob at mahsooba@winchesterthurston.org.


Anjali Sachdeva’s short story collection

Anjali Sachdeva’s short story collection, All the Names They Used for God, was published in February and received great reviews from Anthony Doerr and Karen Joy Fowler, and was featured on NPR’s All Things Considered with Audie Cornish. These surreal and mysterious stories explore the ways that science, religion, nature, magic, and other forces shape our lives.

Anjali would like to send a big thank you to all her WT friends who have sent her messages of encouragement and support.


20th Reunion Year

Members of the Class of 1998: Share your memories of this day with Amiena Mahsoob at mahsooba@winchesterthurston.org.


Anne D’Appolonia Dickson, Fifth Grade Thoughtfulness Awardee in 1992, presented the Thoughtfulness Award this year.


Claire Blaustein’s latest album

Claire Blaustein has a new position as a Senior Information Architect/Content Strategist at Cancer.gov. Additionally, her band, By & By, just put out their second album, Songs for This Old Heart. She performs fiddle and vocals, and created the cover art for the album.

Andrew Santelli met with Computer Science Department Chair David Nassar’s Computer Science Innovation students via videoconference. He shared the scope of his team’s work and offered advice to the students as they set out to create unique applications to solve real-world problems.


Steven ‘Steve’ Nathenson has returned to Pittsburgh and has founded a company called StriveforMore, which focuses on personal and organizational development. He would love to reconnect with his classmates.


David Whitney and his wife, Courtney, welcomed twins Wesley and Miles into the world in November.


15th Reunion Year

Callie Gropp, Emily Gropp Carlson ’99, and Linsey McDaniel A’96 are board members at OMA Center for Mind, Body, and Spirit. Together, they created Art in the Garden, a free summer program held in Borland Garden, an urban green space in East Liberty. The program is conducted with an awareness of the importance of trauma-informed care, and with the determination to support the development of resiliency and social-emotional intelligence of the next generation.

Malcolm Smith met with the WT Advancement and Communications team members attending the Strategic Marketing and Advancement Institute in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He is continuing to pursue his sports passion in Albuquerque as a Ticket Sales Executive for the Minor League team, the Isotopes.


10th Reunion Year

Members of the Class of 2008: Recognize this photo? Contact Amiena Mahsoob at mahsooba@winchesterthurston.org with the classmates and story captured here.

Matt Arffa is happy to announce, “This May I will be graduating with a medical degree from Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine. After my intern year in Chicago, my wife and I are excited to be moving to beautiful Austin, Texas where I will be doing my residency in dermatology at The University of Texas at Austin!”


(L-R) Greg Hess, Tim Wainwright A’09, Gabrielle ‘Gabby’ DeMarchi ’09, Dan Gespass ’03, Carley Catherine, Ben Tritsch, Alaina Ferry ’10, Helen Bunker ’10, Isabel ‘Izzy’ Zehner ’10, Charles Thayer, NaTisha Washington, Sarah Hillman ’09, and Annie Alexander ’09 at Adulting 101: Mixology and Mingle

Annie Alexander recently hosted two events for alums and friends. Called “Adulting 101,” the first session focused on networking and mixology, while the second focused on financial health. Both were hosted by WT parents Meredith and Alex Grelli at their Wigle Whiskey Distillery Tasting Room and Threadbare Cider House and Meadery. Watch this space for more events in the fall!

Hadley Armstrong is currently the House Manager at City Theater in Pittsburgh, and will be attending Columbia University in the fall for a Masters in Fine Arts with a concentration in stage management.

Andrew Glick appeared as Trevor on the “The Long Goodbye” episode of the TV series, Modern Family.


Samuel Pollack is currently working as a portfolio associate at PIMCO. He recently shared his career path and advice with the Upper School Investment Club, a club he co-founded as a student. Sam also visited with club sponsor David Wollam, WT’s Director of Finance.

Jack Stein shared, “After I graduate from Columbia University’s Harriman Institute in May, I am moving to Washington, D.C. to work for the government for two years as part of the Presidential Management Fellowship.”


5th Reunion Year

 Lifers from the Class of 2013: Share your favorite memory with Amiena Mahsoob at mahsooba@winchesterthurston.org.

Anastasia ‘Annie’ Jasiewicz fulfilled her lifelong dream of becoming Dr. Jane Goodall in February. She was able to observe and photograph wild chimpanzees in Kibale National Park during her journey to Uganda. While in Uganda, she visited several schools throughout the Kampala area to learn about solar and water filtration projects. She also completed a safari along the western border to observe and photograph dozens of native African species.


Krithika Pennathur was recently profiled in Pitt News for her work as Founder and President of Pitt Unmuted, a club focused on amplifying the voices of underrepresented students and addressing issues including intimate partner violence.

Anna Ferry participated in Dickinson College’s Study Abroad program in Bologna, Italy. During Spring Break, her sister, Alaina Ferry ’10, their cousin Kaitlyn Macieski, and fellow WT alumna Isabel ‘Izzy’ Zehner ’10 joined Anna on a whirlwind trip through Amsterdam and Italy.

Annie D. Guentner, Honorary Alumna writes, “This is a note to all my former students. Reading some of your news and looking at class reunion pictures, brings so many wonderful memories as well as joy in seeing how successful you are. Félicitations! I am a busy octogenarian, still playing tennis, gardening, and traveling, just enjoying the twilight of my life!”

In Memoriam

Thistle LogoThe following members of the WT community will be missed by their classmates, friends, students, and colleagues. We offer sincere condolences to their families.

Betty Wolf Loeb ’43
Nancy Cohen Werner ’44
Shirley Kerr Kennard ’45
Ellen Bachman Amshel ’46
Katherine MacDonald Blenko ’46
Nancy Fink Nirenberg ’46
Lynn Hardie Burgan A’48
Myrna Kline Hackney ’49
Robena Moses Spencer ’50
Patricia Singer Talotta ’52
Marion Montgomery Colbourne ’52
Nancy Scholnick Blum ’54
Sally Lewis Horner ’54
Melinda Brown Beard ’55
Linda Goorin Marcus ’55
Susan Mallinger Simon ’55
Judith Stohr Gavaler ’57
Margie Balter ’68
Hope Armstrong Jones ’78
Nathaniel Winschel ’14
Hannah J. Kamin, former Trustee
Putnam B. McDowell, Honorary Alumnus, former Trustee
Susan Zitterbart, former English teacher

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