65th Reunion Year



60th Reunion Year

Rachel ‘Gay’ Knake Haines writes, “I’m still vertical and above the dirt. I keep busy traveling everywhere–including trips to the ’Burgh. When in Florida, I do Pet Therapy work with my splendid Australian Labradoodle, bringing smiles and support to elderly people and to children in learn-to-read programs in schools. I also serve as a victims advocate for children suffering from sexual abuse and other traumas within the tri-county court system.”




Joy Marks Gray writes, “I had a busy and most wonderful summer. First Jack, my grandson, was born in July and big sister Hattie adores ‘her’ baby. Then two weeks later their father, my son Daniel, and daughter-in-law Sarah moved to Cleveland, so I get many more frequent opportunities to babysit and cuddle. Finally as July was ending, my son Matthew, daughter-in-law Rachel, and 5 ½ -year-old Lottie visited from Bristol, England for 2 ½ weeks. Having all three grandchildren together was my best birthday present.”


50th Reunion Year

Reunion reminiscing by<br /> Alice May Succop Burger
50 years, a half century, five decades,
a moment in time.
Reunited to spend minutes
into hours into days
with profound women
who endeared themselves to me
a long time ago and have gathered
to support, share, and enjoy.
Years were peeled off as
Emotions were exposed
“Blue Moon” echoed as
New friendships emerged
18 to 68 years—1969 to 2019 times:
A new era from when we first met,
but the same ideas and feelings emerge
from all our years and all the stories,
experiences and heartfelt friendships
that were developed long ago.
We are WT women who endured, accomplished,
but most of all, kept steady
In our own way.
We are reeling…
from what we rediscovered and read in memories.
Giving thanks and appreciation to so many
Who will continue to gather in whatever way they can
to continue what was started many years ago.
Gentle and Kind; enduring comfort and rights
as we persist to keep us and all that is worthy intact.


45th Reunion Year


40th Reunion Year


Edith Raphael Brotman writes, “I wanted to share the news that I just had my second book published. This one is called The Art of Being Present: Mindfulness Meditation for Work and Life (Red Lizard Press 2018). It follows my first book Mussar Yoga (Jewish Lights, 2014).”


35th Reunion Year


30th Reunion Year


Tiffany Baxendell Bridge writes, “After a couple of years of freelancing, I accepted a job on the Special Projects team at Automattic, managing client relationships and website development projects. Now I help influential people and organizations do interesting things with WordPress.”

Keshira haLev Fife is the founder and leader of Kesher Pittsburgh. Kesher Pittsburgh is a “Priestess-led space which is a non-institutional, post-denominational spirit community that is multi-generational, everyone-friendly, and joyfully Jewish.” For more information and to sign up, visit www.keshirahalev.com/kesherpittsburgh.

The People Are the Light, is a project by interdisciplinary artist and cultural producer Alisha Wormsley, which includes public art installations and workshops in Homewood. It is a month-long series of events that Wormsley curated as part of the Hillman Photography Initiative. Wormsley partnered with 12 artists and collaborators to launch two site-specific installations and ten workshops in the community on subjects such as restorative writing, yoga and meditation, hair art, and the Black Maker Movement. Wormsley will document the event by creating a series of photos and an artist film premiering at the Carnegie Museum of Art in December. More information is available at alishabwormsley.com/the-people-are-the-light.


20th Reunion Year


Alexander ‘Alec’ Karakatsanis wrote Usual Cruelty: The Complicity of Lawyers in the Criminal Injustice System, which was listed as a New York Times New and Notable Book. Through the organization that he founded, Civil Rights Corps, he fights for defendants whose rights are routinely violated.

Lauren Morelli brings her own vision to the reboot of Tales of the City. Morelli is one of the creators of this new series, and its showrunner. She also was a co-producer and writer on Orange Is the New Black. In an interview, she says it was a priority for the new show to be even more diverse, and more inclusive of LGBTQ experiences.





Rosalie Daniels has received a Fulbright grant to pursue a Master’s degree in Security and Diplomacy Studies at Tel Aviv University in Tel Aviv, Israel starting in Fall 2019. She hopes to focus her studies on refugee policy.




Grant Charney performs Looking at Buildings to a crowd of enthusiastic fourth graders at the City Campus. Grant is a musician, visual, and performance artist.

In Memoriam

Thistle LogoThe following members of the WT community will be missed by their classmates, friends, students, and colleagues. We offer sincere condolences to their families.

Virginia Wicks Douglas ’44
Thelma Levin Levine ’46
Linda Crow ’56
Elizabeth ‘Betty Lou’ Douglas Gilliland ’56
Anne Witting Kuhn ’64
Eleanor Schatz Magyar ’67
Joanne George Convard ’69
Jane Conrad A’06

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