ach year, philanthropic support makes up 10% of our operating budget.

That support (including the WT Fund, endowment, and the Earned Income/Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit programs) is critical to our everyday Mission and magnifies each experience. In every building and outdoor classroom, and on every stage and athletic field, you have helped to create an environment where learning is effective and equitable, and where our students and teachers are valued.

WT’s 2018-2019 Annual Budget by the Numbers

Here is just a small sample of what your WT Fund gift made possible in the 2018-2019 school year:

  • City as Our Campus partnerships and experiences
  • Financial Aid to support more than one-third of our students
  • New playground equipment at the North Campus
  • Equity and Inclusion opportunities for faculty, students, and families
  • Professional development opportunities for faculty
  • WTeachers Inspire Fund, providing support for the creation of a Machine Learning class

Students walk across rope swing

Philanthropy takes many forms.

In addition to the WT Fund, endowment and capital gifts help support WT’s vision and development for the future.

Endowment: Long-term Planning

The Endowment represents a longer-term facet of our budget. It comprises charitable gifts given to create an investment principal that grows over time, and that remains a permanent piece of WT’s future. A portion of the fund, 5%, is paid out on an annual basis and provides scholarships and programmatic enhancements.

Transformation: Gary Niels’ Legacy and City as Our Campus

In 2018, then WT Board President Jennifer Gonzalez McComb ’89 presented The Gary J. Niels Chair for City as Our Campus at a Leadership Dinner honoring Niels for his 16 years of service as Head of School. The first endowed chair at Winchester Thurston, it was established with nearly $1.3 million in contributions.

Capital Gifts: Capital Improvements

Capital gifts make possible facility renovations and expansions, such as the recent renovation of the North Campus playground, the Upper School Dorrance Library, and the resurfacing of Garland Field at the City Campus.

Thanks for Giving.

We are grateful for the gifts given within the 2018-2019 fiscal year.

Total Support: $2,111,085

Our most precious asset: Volunteers

Installation Week

During Installation Week in October 2018, Winchester Thurston School formally welcomed Dr. Scott D. Fech as its 19th Head of School. We are grateful for the many members of our community who gave their valuable time to serve on the Head of School Search, Transition, and Installation Committees.

Committee Chairs:

Paul Rosenblatt, Search Committee Chair
Kerry Bron ’84, Transition Committee Chair
Kate Underwood-Herron, Installation Committee Co-Chair
Mary Lee Stenson, Installation Committee Co-Chair

Committee Members:

Sally Allan
Matt Bachner
Henry S. Beukema
Kristen A. Burns
Theresa Fox
Monica Manes Gay
Cindy Akers Gerber
Kenneth M. Lehn
Amiena Mahsoob
Connie Martin
Jennifer Gonzalez McComb ’89
Nancy-Rose Netchi
Diane Nichols
Adam Nye
Nadine Oury ’19
Henry Posner III
Martin E. Powell
Rick Soria
Kelly Hanna Riley ’91
Nancy Rogers
Dan Sadowski
Amanda Welsh
Michelle Wion Chitty
David Wollam

Benefit: Under the Big Top

An Evening Under the Big Top was a spectacular success with more than 360 event attendees; 81 silent auction items and experiences; five live auction items; juggling and dancing; and an amazing core of parent volunteers giving countless hours to raise $90,000. Proceeds from the Benefit help WT provide financial aid to students who would otherwise be unable to attend.

Committee Chairs:

MaryJean Rusak, Benefit Chair
Heather Brooks, Auction Sub-Committee Chair
Yolanda Frank, Host Sub-Committee Chair
Kate Underwood Herron, Volunteer Sub-Committee Chair
Penny Montgomery and Mary Lee Stenson, Food, Entertainment, and Decorations Sub-Committee Co-Chairs


Event Committee:

Susan Allison
Terri Bell
Teresa Beshai
Lise-Ann Brownold
Mary Crossley
Kim Daboo
Melissa Fann
Monica Manes Gay
Allison Grodin
April Hayes
Shelby Holloway
Kristen Keller
Jennifer Kilgore
Kimberly Moses
Sara Papachristou
Sarah Rizk
Jane Schilling
Tracey Schwartz
Rick Soria
Desiree Soteres
Emily Spanovich
Liz Stephan
Katie Whitlatch
Michelle Zaffary

Host Committee:

Kristen & Brent Burns
Heather Brooks & John Cawley
Randi Coffey ’78
Scott Fech & Rick Soria
Alaina Ferry ’10
Abby Robinson Foster ’03 & Mike Foster
Monica & Bruce Gay
Allison & Adam Grodin
Kate & Matt Herron
Janet Harrison-Kuzmishin ’87 & John Kuzmishin
Shelby & Duane Holloway
Linda King & Jeffrey Salipante
Eleanor Schatz Magyar ’67* & David Magyar
Jennifer Gonzalez McComb ’89 & Paul McComb
Kimberly & Darnell Moses
Patty Constantin Orringer ’68 & Bob Orringer
Sara Papachristou
Ida Posner ’08
Kelly Hanna Riley ’91 & Patrick Riley
Sarah & Robert Rizk
MaryJean Rusak & Chuck Lupariello
Anne Scheuermann ’75
Tracey Schwartz
Sharon Semenza & Bill Robinson
Desiree & Peter Soteres
Mary Lee & John Stenson
Maureen Sullivan ’73
Annie Alexander Tritsch ’09 & Ben Tritsch
Katie Whitlatch


UPMC Health Plan
Howard Hanna Real Estate Services
Hirtle Callaghan & Co.
Marcus & Shapira
Central Maintenance
Brandywine Agency, Inc.
Metz Culinary Management
Growing Seasons Landscapes


Lasting impact: Thistle Honor Roll

Much can change in 10 years. However, for nearly 215 devoted WT supporters, their belief in “Think also of the comfort and the rights of others” has held firm. Through life’s twists and turns, these treasured friends have made an ongoing commitment to the WT community.

Our Thistle Honor Roll recognizes those who have made WT a philanthropic priority for 10 or more continuous years. This diverse array of friends includes members of virtually every segment of the WT community, with nearly half consisting of alumnae/i spanning the classes of 1937 to 2007.

Composition of Thistle Honor Roll Donors:

We are particularly grateful to the following luminaries who have given for more than 30 consecutive years.

Anonymous (1)
Barbara Berkman Ackerman ’58
Judy Ruben Alpert ’64
Katherine Horner Anderson ’58
Joan Frank Apt ’44
Jean Forncrook Armstrong ’44
Joanne Thomas Asbill ’70
Patricia McClay Boggs ’51
Barbara Abney Bolger ’52
Lois Bron
Joan Clark Davis ’65
Cynthia Costa Davis ’68
Judith Rohrer Davis ’57
Caroline Abraham Delavan ’46
Susan Sharp Dorrance A’63 & Roy Dorrance
Lois Kaplan Finkel ’39
Mary George Gast ’37
Jean Ballard George ’44 & John George
Jane Gault Greer ’56 & George Greer
Helen Berkman Habbert ’70
Caryl Amshel Halpern ’50 & Irving Halpern
Rosanne Isay Harrison ’56
Nancy Hetzel
Murray Armstrong James ’44
Marion Thompson Kerwin ’42
Sallie Gottlieb Korman ’51
Jane Marshall Lohman ’56
Louise Baldridge Lytle ’51
Sally Colbaugh Marks ’61
Carole Oswald Markus ’57 & Bill Markus
Judi Mosenson McCord ’60
Linnea Pearson McQuiston ’69 & C. Wesley McQuiston
Brenda Wise Moffitt ’54
Amy B. Nixon ’73
E. Patricia Constantin Orringer ’68
Lyn Clark Pegg ’59
Melissa Reynolds Rizer ’83
Janice Greenberg Rosenberg ’53
Betsy Riddle Ruderfer ’53
Jean Silvestri ’72
Joanne Ross Simon ’73 & Ben Simon
Donna Gow Taylor ’59
Jane Arensberg Thompson ’57 & Harry A. Thompson II
Lois Graham Tingler ’51
Gaylen Faller Westfall, Honorary Alumna

In 2018–2019, we welcomed the following new members to the Thistle Honor Roll. Thank you for your continued support.

Anonymous (2)
Lynn & Steve Berman
Diane & Nat Cohen
Mr. & Mrs. Cyrus Daboo
Marina & Ken Lehn
Callie Gropp ’03
David A. Nassar
Gina Ruiz
Kathryn Stadler

For the full list of Thistle Honor Roll donors, visit

Gentle in manner, strong in deed.
2018–2019 WT Fund Leadership Giving Clubs

The following individuals stepped forward as leaders and investors in the WT educational experience.

Leadership Society

Gifts of $25,000+
Sheldon Marstine
Anne M. Molloy & Henry Posner III
Kathy Zillweger Putnam ’71 & George Putnam
The Sigal Family

Thistle Club

Gifts of $15,000+
Carole Oswald Markus ’57 & Bill Markus
Nancy & Woody Ostrow
Jane Arensberg Thompson ’57 & Harry A. Thompson II

Founder’s Club

Gifts of $10,000+
Anonymous (1)
Cindy Akers Gerber
Dan & Leah Broudy
Elizabeth S. Hurtt ’74
Jonathan Kuhn
Marina & Ken Lehn
Elsa Limbach
Adam & Lauren Sufrin

2nd Century Club

Gifts of $5,000+
Anonymous (3)
Ms. Elaine Bellin & Dr. Phyllis Coontz
Dr. Kerry Bron ’84 & Mr. Robert Levin
Bernita Buncher
Shelley & Doug Campbell
Lisa Whitcomb Capra ’76
Simin & Gregory Curtis
Mr. & Mrs. Cyrus Daboo
Susan Sharp Dorrance A’63 & Roy Dorrance
The Eppinger Family
Margery Kamin Feitler ’82
Susanna & Michael Finke
Linda J. Lear ’58
Paula & Paul Lee
Dr. Helane & Mr. Don Linzer
Kathleen L. Metinko ’91 & Jan Rogers Kniffen

The Molder Family
Kelly Hanna Riley ’91 & Patrick Riley
Sara Viviano Rolley ’68
Marcia & Victor Roque
Armando Rotondi & Manny Cahouet-Rotondi
Patricia & Norman Sadeh
Mary Lee & John Stenson

1887 Club

Gifts of $2,500+
Jessica Bemer
Henry Beukema
Barbara Abney Bolger ’52
Justine Diebold Englert ’59
Jane Gault Greer ’56 & George Greer
Dr. Janet Harrison Kuzmishin ’87 & Mr. John Kuzmishin
Rosanne Isay Harrison ’56
David Kamin
Jennifer B. Kaplan ’86
MaryJean Rusak & Chuck Lupariello
Gretchen Larson Maslanka ’83
Penelope & Thatcher Montgomery
Frances Hoffman Puntereri ’68
Sharon Semenza & William Robinson
Tracey Schwartz
Vanessa & Alexander Spiro
Carole Bailey & Andrew N. Stewart
Melissa & Ryan Vecchi
Toni & Howard Windows

Portal Club

Gifts of $1,500+
Anonymous (1)
Renee & Ron Bartlett
Caryn Rubinoff & Craig Dunham
Kathleen W. Buechel & Frederick N. Egler
Scott Fech & Rick Soria
Abigail Robinson Foster ’03 & Michael Foster

Eugenia & Robert Friedlander
Giselle Hamad
Susan E. Hunter ’72
Diane & John Katz
Jung Ho Lee and Jooyoung Park
Bee Jee Epstine Morrison ’56
Maureen May & Raj Narendran
Janice & Richard Pagliari
Sally Helsel Price ’54
Keith Recker & James Mohn
Sarah Irvin Riling ’67
The Stephan Family
Suzanna & Antony Woo
Mousumi Moulik-Yechoor & Vijay Yechoor

Fifth Avenue Club

Gifts of $1,000+
Anonymous (5)
Kirsten & Shawn Albert
Su Min Cho & Ali Al-Khafaji
Ann Cahouet
Helen Dorra & Greg Casher
Holly Christman ’73
Joan Clark Davis ’65
Julie Tarasevich Dever ’85 & Michael Dever
Jenifer Lee & Howard Dubner
The Edwards Family
Constance Smith Franklin ’51
Mr. & Mrs. Robert I. Glimcher
Catherine Grainger
Brian Hansberry
Catherine & John Harper
Adriana Jacoud & Dirk Van Der Windt
Ivan Juzang
Carole King & Chip Burke
Emsie Parker Kozloff ’80
Diane Krause ’78
Dr. & Mrs. George Kuzmishin
Alison & Gregory Langmead
Sharon & Benjamin Liptzin
Louise Baldridge Lytle ’51
Alice McKnight Mackroth W’34
Kelly Maddox

Janet Rothman Markel ’54
Dr. & Mrs. Stanley Marks
Jennifer Gonzalez McComb ’89 & Paul McComb
Linnea Pearson McQuiston ’69 & C. Wesley McQuiston
Mary Kay & Sudhir Narla
Shanna Kovalchick & Brandon Nicholson
Katy & Edward Perrin
Deborah & Martin Powell
Nancy & Bill Rackoff
Melissa Reynolds Rizer ’83
Mr. Stephen G. Robinson
Judith Sailer Rocker ’58
Kris Rockwell
Lori Cardille Rogal & James C. Rogal
Kathryn Rich Sherman ’68 & Frederick Sherman
Angela & Kurt Small
Yoshimi & Hiroshi Sogawa
Heather & Paniti Sukumvanich
Maureen L. Sullivan ’73
Geraldine & John Warner
Marcie & Matthew Weinstein
Gaylen Faller Westfall, Honorary Alumna
Katie Whitlatch
Laurie & William Winslow
Ally Chen & Jimmy Zhu
Sanja Dacic & Sasa Zivkovic

“A” indicates an Associate Alumna/us of Winchester Thurston School
“W” indicates an alumna of Winchester School

For the full list of 2018-2019 donors, visit

We have made every attempt to ensure the accuracy of this list; if you are not listed here or online and believe that you should be, please contact Michelle Wion Chitty at (412) 578-3748.

Making WT Possible for Others

Kathryn Kruse ’58 talks of two adages that made a lasting impact on her during her time at WT. The first was written on a poster in her French class, and although the French vocabulary hasn’t remained in her memory, its English translation has been a constant refrain in her life: “Failure is never defeat as long as you keep on trying.” The second adage is the WT Credo: “Think also of the comfort and the rights of others.” Each of these have made an impression on her life and have shaped her philanthropic efforts. When she became a WT student in the tenth grade, she was thrilled that right away she had the camaraderie of her classmates—together they worked through the challenging and stimulating learning environment where she discovered that failure was never defeat. “I loved Winchester Thurston so much. My teachers and fellow students taught me that learning could be fun. They ignited my intellectual curiosity and instilled in me a lifelong love of learning,” notes Kruse. This singularly positive experience, tied to the echo of “Think Also” led Kruse to loyally support WT. “I want to play a small part in making it possible for someone else to have the same wonderful experiences I had at WT,” she adds. Most recently, Kruse included WT in her estate, endowing a fund that will provide support to the school’s libraries. Books and libraries have always been important to her—her mother was a children’s librarian and Kruse grew up surrounded by books and by people who loved reading. After receiving her undergraduate degree in zoology, and taking additional post-graduate classes in anatomy, Kruse decided to pursue a Master’s degree in Library Sciences, leading her to a long career as a medical librarian. She has worked at the medical libraries of Johns Hopkins University, Duke University, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Because of alums like Kruse, and parents, faculty, and friends who are guided to “Think Also,” WT is much more than an excellent independent school. It is a place where individuals of strong character are prepared for a changing world. For this, we are deeply grateful.