Rob and Megan Glimcher
Since 2009, commercial real estate developer Robert Glimcher has changed the lives of 45 future leaders by supporting financial aid at Winchester Thurston through the Pennsylvania Educational Improvement Tax Credit program (EITC).

Through EITC, eligible Pennsylvania businesses earn significant tax credits by donating to WT’s financial aid program. “I cannot see how any smart businessperson would give up the chance to give to WT in such a prudent way. For every $1,000 you give on a 2-year commitment, you receive a tax credit from the state of $900. If you’re in the 50% tax bracket, you receive close to a 50% credit on the remaining $100. The end result is a cost of $50.00 to donate $1,000 to WT. This is a ‘no-brainer’ to me.”

EITC is just one way that Glimcher Group expresses its ethos of community involvement and philanthropy. The company owns, develops, acquires, and manages shopping centers throughout the United States. Giving back is a core value of the business, whether through making its facilities available for charity events that serve and showcase a diverse array of causes, or making direct charitable contributions. Glimcher is often at the center of these activities—for example, he is a regular in the MS150, a two-day, 150-mile bike ride that supports the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. In last year’s ride, Glimcher personally raised more than $200,000.

Glimcher and his wife, Megan, have been WT parents since 2003, and Rob has served as a trustee since 2008. He has been Chair of the Development Committee for many years. “Rob is one of our key leaders in philanthropy,” says Head of School Gary Niels. “He sets the tone and models for his fellow trustees and the wider community the importance of supporting worthy causes in multiple ways—with time, with talent, with treasure. And he always does it with positive energy and a fantastic sense of humor. He embodies some of the most important characteristics of leadership.”

Philanthropy and leadership are intertwined concepts, and Glimcher sees the EITC program as an important way not only to support students who have financial need, but also to provide them with the benefits of going to school at WT, where they learn not only how to be leaders, but also how to practice leadership, making a difference in their communities and in the larger world.

“To me, the concept of leadership encompasses civic responsibility, philanthropy, problem-solving, and initiative,” says Glimcher. “Megan and I appreciate Winchester Thurston’s experiential approach to learning; we know kids learn best by participating and discovering. We also appreciate the school’s intention to develop engaged citizens. It’s important to us that students experience the larger world and see themselves as part of it, with a responsibility to more than just themselves.”

If your company pays Pennsylvania taxes, please contact Maura Farrell at 412-578-3731 or to learn more about EITC.