We set “Think also…” into action during a school-wide Day of Gratitude with gratitude themed morning meetings, classroom activities, service projects, reflective writing, a panel discussion about philanthropy, and lots and lots of thank you notes!

Gratitude at WT means…

• Awareness of the needs larger than our own and taking action to address those needs

• Understanding our connections to each other and to the world around us

• Acknowledging the generous and kind people – past and present – who give of themselves on our behalf

What are you thankful for today? We welcome your thoughts and ideas about gratitude. Join us by engaging with us on social media or by contacting Michelle Wion Chitty at 412-578-3748 or wionm@winchesterthurston.org.

Together, we teach students the value of giving back to the teachers and communities that support them the most.

Student Thank You Notes

“Dear WT,
Thank you for letting me join the warm community during my junior and senior years. I learned not only academic subjects, but more importantly, how to be a person and be grateful for the things I have.”

—Min, Twelfth Grade

“Dear all 9th grade teachers,
We just want to thank you for everything you have done for us this year. From physics to history we are surrounded by great teachers. You have made our first year truly memorable. You guys are the real MVPs.”

—Jon, Jack, and Danny, Ninth Grade

“Dear Kitchen Staff,
Thank you a lot for making food for me to eat. The food is really good!! Keep up the great work. Thanks!”

—Luke, Sixth Grade

“Today’s panel on philanthropy has broadened my horizon and given me a more complete view of the public service community. You have resurfaced much of my enthusiasm for the creation of new development projects and have encouraged me to participate more fully in all aspects of the community development field. Thank you for your insight.”

—Maddie, Tenth Grade


Donor Appreciation Luncheon