Volunteer-NEW-Nicole“We are all members of the WT Parents Association. When we activate that membership by being involved, we foster meaningful relationships with fellow WT parents, teachers, and administrators. These connections have helped create a bountiful community for Ava and our family to thrive and grow together. Parent engagement at WT truly helps provide a better understanding and strong foundation for our children’s academic and social well-being.”

—Nicole Ansani-Jankowski
Parent of Ava Jankowski, Class of 2025
2015-2016 Parents Association President

WT is profoundly grateful to Nicole for her extended service as PA President.


“An active, engaged parent body is crucial to the vitality of WT. The success of our children demands an open and inclusive environment where regular, two-way, respectful communication is of paramount importance. I value my exchanges with parents and providing them the opportunity for input.”

—Gary J. Niels, Head of School

“As parents, we are the greatest role models our children have, whether through providing new experiences, volunteering at Applefest, or encouraging perseverance through a challenging assignment. We are fortunate to have the active, engaged, and selfless commitments of WT teachers to guide our children alongside us. My family values this collaboration and believes in the power of the WT Fund because it directly supports the WT experience.”

—Manny Cahouet-Rotondi
Parent of Alexander and Emily, Class of 2022
2015-2016 WT Fund Parent Chair and WT Trustee

The WT Parents Association Mission is to build community, camaraderie, and commitment by offering opportunities for social, educational, and financial enrichment and involvement.

What do you get when you add

1 President,
+10 division coordinators,
+6 event chairs,
+10 grade level social hosts,
+25 WT Fund parent agents,
then stir in almost
+40 room parents, and more than
+200 additional volunteers?

A warm, joyful school year filled with success.

How will you help in 2016-2017? Join us by contacting Michelle Wion Chitty at 412-578-3748 or wionm@winchesterthurston.org.